** WELCOME TO Dr.RADHAKRISHNAN MATRIC. HR. SEC. SCHOOL ** Vijayadasami Admission are open for the Academic year 2023-2024   .



1.Importing quality education through innovative techniques.

2.To have a clear vision of their future.

3.To ensure students speak fluently in English.

4.To inculcate moral values and discipline in school students.

5.To train the students for competitive examinations.

6.Experimental & Demonstrative methods used for teaching and learning process.

7.To instill communication skill and soft skills.

8.Motivation is the key to displinary behavior.

9.To inculcate good virtues such as honesty, truthfulness, obedience, patience, kindness, mercy, care & forgiveness.

10.Melting & Moulding the children in the finest way.