Leave and attendance


1. Parents should see that their wards do not remain absent except under unavoidable circumstances, as it badly affect the progress of the pupil.

2. A minimum 90% attendance is required for promotion to the next higher class. Irregular attendance and prolonged absence may lead to removal of the student from school.

3. Warning letter will be given in the beginning of third term to pupils who take more leave during the first two terms. Such pupils must be utmost care to avoid leave in the third term, failing which their promotion will be affected for want of attendance.

4. Absence on the re-opening day is not allowed and may lead to removal of the pupil’s name from the roll. Re admission shall be considered by the senior principal after verifying the reason for absence.

5. The pupils should be in school before 8.30 a.m. on all working days. Late arrival will be marked absent for half-a-day.

6. The Report Card of the Students should be collected by the Parents on the “Open Day” fixed. The Report card will not be issued, to take home by the parents who had been absent on the open day.


1. When students take leave (a day or two) they should submit their leave letter either before they take leave letters submitted after the time – limit specified or on the day of rejoining will not be accepted.

2. If leave is claimed for more than three days on account of illness, a medical certificate must be attached with the application. If leave is required for reasons other than sickness, sufficient proof must be produced.

3. Absence at the time of tests will be viewed very seriously, if prior permission is not obtained. Leave letters and medical Certificate offered as excuse will not be accepted. Retests will not be conducted.

4. Students who lack 90% attendance will not be eligible to appear for the Annual Examination. Students who obtain 100% attendance will receive attractive prizes.

5. The school is not responsible for the loss of leave letters sent through their class or school mates.

6. Prior permission must be obtained from the teacher concerned for leave with reasons, other than the leave taken on medical grounds.

7. A day’s leave can be sanctioned by the Class Teacher, and more than two days of leave can be sanctioned by the Principal.

8. A student who is absent for more than 8 days in a term will be called for an explanation by the Discipline committee. He/She will be suspended from the school, if the same is repeated.

9. Pupil who plays truant will be dismissed.

10. If a student does not pay the school fees before the specified date, he / she will not be given attendance. Therefore he/she lose the eligibility for 100% attendance prize.